Pacifica Mortgage Investment Corporation

Incorporated in 1994, Pacifica has grown to become one of Vancouver’s premiere mortgage investment corporations. Over the last 25 years Pacifica has satisfied investors’ yield requirements as well as offered competitive products to borrowers and the mortgage brokerage community. With extensive experience in the private lending industry, Pacifica’s “common sense” approach to real estate lending has allowed it to maintain a healthy yield for investors and to diversify and mitigate risk. Pacifica is managed by Capital West Mortgage Inc. and BlueShore Financial Credit Union.

Pacifica offers 1st and 2nd mortgages on residential and commercial properties within large urban centres in British Columbia. Typical turnaround times are within 24 hours. While each mortgage funded through Pacifica features unique terms and conditions, all Pacifica loans are competitive with the marketplace. Maximum lending value is 75%.

Pacifica also provides an opportunity for investors to develop an additional income source by investing in secure mortgages within the Lower Mainland. Pacifica is a qualified investment vehicle which allows an investor the option of utilizing their RRSP, RRIF, or TFSA account.

The Pacifica fact sheet can be found here. More information on Pacifica can be found on its website.


Fast Facts


$140 Million

Pacifica’s portfolio in 2018


Pacifica’s net return to investors for 2018