Brokers value flexibility and fast approvals. BlueShore Pacifica Alternative Mortgage Centre (AMC) satisfies that need by providing access to both the lending capabilities of BlueShore Financial’s ‘non-traditional’ mortgage portfolio as well as those of Pacifica Mortgage Investment Corporation. With one application and one email, two mortgage options can be explored.

Ongoing regulatory changes and tightening credit guidelines have resulted in many finding it difficult to secure conventional bank financing. Individuals such as self-employed entrepreneurs, new Canadians, and those with challenges demonstrating income are finding this a problem. BlueShore Pacifica Alternative Mortgage Centre provides a solution to these problems with client-based service, flexibility and speed.



BlueShore Pacifica Alternative Mortgage Centre (AMC) is jointly owned by Capital West Mortgage Inc. and BlueShore Financial. This partnership draws upon the expertise and experience of the leaders of BlueShore and the vast resources of the 4th largest credit union in British Columbia as well as the long term management group at Capital West which has successfully managed Pacifica Mortgage Investment Corporation since inception in 1994.

The AMC team includes Shannon Hillman, Steve Canning, Sid Rubin, Chris Baker, Cindy Ricketts, and Rebecca Peters.

For more information, visit Blueshore Pacifica AMC’s website.


Fast Facts


Four Hours

A typical application will be processed in four hours or less

$1 Billion

Over $1 billion funded since inception in 2014

755 Funded

Number of BlueShore Pacifica AMC loans funded since inception